4 Key Advantages Of Pick To Light Systems

Warehouse optimization and efficiency are areas where every business created to fulfill orders is committed to continuous improvement. The processing of large and / or large quantities of material handling is based on streamlined standards to ensure accurate and timely order processing. In the last two decades,

the rise of optical pick-ups has revolutionized the way many distribution centers handle outbound products, reducing wasted time, ineffective movements and incorrect orders.

As technology evolves, these inventory management solutions become more accessible in a wider business with equal needs.

Optical system manufacturers are still exploring new ways to meet the needs of these emerging customers, and distribution centers, both large and small, are receiving benefits.

Here are just a few of the methods chosen for lighting systems can create an immediate and cost-effective effect.

Speed ​​and accuracy

The selection of bulbs allows workers to continue to focus only on the items needed for their order. By eliminating the need to refer to worksheets or command screens, the picking process not only But make it easier But the list manager can determine the most efficient route as they move through their zones to complete the specified orders.

Zones and zones can be easily determined and workers will receive immediate feedback about the location and quantity of items, causing missed or duplicate transactions in rare transactions.

The design of this zone’s layout also allows the use of non-linear methods of order fulfillment,

allowing each option to retrieve all or just parts of the list for multiple orders without Worried about the status of the previous command or the following zones

Simple training

These material handling solutions are easy to learn, which only needs basic guidance in the interpretation of light and quantity indicators. New employees can be trained fully and quickly,

without needing to redesign the space, as the simplicity of lighting helps the work environment to be consistent. This ease of use allows it to be adjusted according to the needs of the increased staff during busy times,

easy to manage because seasonal or part-time employees can easily speed up.

In contrast to the processing of commands that hear sound, the light system does not require employees to interpret the command verbally,

eliminating language barriers or hearing defects.

Choose electrical systems: easy to install

Most high quality light picking systems require little or no software upgrades for many distribution centers. In many cases, preferred programming can be integrated with existing warehouse management processes or enterprise resource planning applications.

The use of modular optical arrays means that often existing shelves and storage in designated warehouses can be installed as needed. These newer modular units also make it easier to organize lighting storage and storage if needed.

Inventory Control

With tracking of each selected item, the bulk receipt system allows for real-time inventory tracking, simplifying replenishment and ordering. Depending on the warehouse design,

picking and replenishment of inventory can be done at the same time,

reducing downtime for reloading and ensuring continuous product procurement for delivery.