A Guide to Florida Fishing

If you are looking for a vacation to Central Florida, you are lucky. The area has many lakes and fishing in Florida is known to be the best in the region. While there are many lakes, this guide goes to Weohyakapka, Kissimmee and Hatchineha, three of the top ten Florida fishing lakes. A fishing license is needed in Florida. But it is reasonably priced for Florida residents and visitors.

Visitors can plan to stay in one of the many hotels or campsites in Florida when vacationing in Central Florida. Whether you like camping, RV, cabins or rugged in tents, you will find many Florida camping locations to choose from.

Weohyakapka (walk in the water)

Weohyakapka Lake is also known as Walk In The Water. The lake is over 7000 acres and is well-known in the national fishing industry for its large trophy bass. It’s not uncommon for bass to weigh two to four pounds. But some that are as big as 10 pounds can be easily caught Often, fishermen can catch 15-20 bass each day, although it’s best to catch and release, since the daily limit is set to three fish a day.

The best time to fish in Walk In The Water is from February to May. In recent months, the weather is cool enough and the bass are often in shallow water, making it easier to catch. It is possible to catch them in the hot, humid summer. But you will want to lure deep into the lake Expect to see other wildlife, including eagles, ospreys, crocodiles, and perhaps deer or wild turkeys. If you want to make your entire outdoor experience better, visit several of the nearby Florida camps.

Lake kiss simmi

Lake Kissimmee has 38,000 acres of excellent Florida fishing. In 1995 and 1996, the lake was pulled down, which helped create a 24 mile long coast and excellent bass spawning conditions. For this reason, the bass in Lake Kissimmee continues to grow and multiply. The lake has many places for fish to hide, so some fish are many years old before being lured by anglers.The lake has a five bass limit and only one fish can be longer than 24 inches, which means That many fish are released back into the waters

Fishing in Florida at Lake Kissimmee is not limited to bass. Anglers can still find crappie, bluegills and shellcrackers. Holiday in Central Florida

Hatchineha Lake

Lake Hatchineha is connected to Lake Kissimmee by the canal and has over 6600 acres of fishing in Florida, with bass, deepmouth and blue gills. The water depth is controlled by the floodgate and the lake is deep. Only eight feet, so it’s easy to find fish that are two to four feet away from the water surface

The lake is full of vegetation, so fishermen may not have luck with their prey sinking into weeds. Plants change throughout the year, so check to see what fish will hide during your holiday in Central Florida.

This is just three of the 550 lakes in Central Florida. With many Florida locations and campgrounds near the lake, it’s easy to plan a vacation in Central Florida at the sea.