Top 3 Reasons Why A Central Florida Vacation Tops The List Of Getaways For Canadians

Everyone in different states knows that holidays in central Florida promise to relax in hot, humid climates, along with many activities that will make everyone in the party travel. The number of tourists from all over the country flows to Sunshine State every year to get the excitement and adventure that travel to this region only However,

recent travel trends have shown that America is not the only country that has enough travel expertise to plan travel in Polk County. Our lovely neighbor to the north is acknowledged. For many reasons, holidays in central Florida are at the top of every Canadian vacation destination.

Easy access

Although theoretically Palk County may seem to be far from home But the convenience of modern travel really eliminates the stress and hassle of traveling there. Direct Air has just announced two new direct flights that will take Canadian tourists to Lakeland, which is between Orlando and Tampa. Currently,

flights depart from Niagara Falls three days a week and two flights per week to Plattsburgh, New York, scheduled to begin in November 2011, with both airports located only Crossing international borders Convenient and easily accessible routes (And reasonably priced!) When arriving directly at Lakeland Airport. Passengers just have to board the plane and begin the entire festival with only holidays in Central Florida.

Accommodation for everyone

Canadian tourists and tourism departments of all regions will love the Polk County accommodation and facilities to serve visitors. Whether you are looking for a surprising accommodation and breakfast, or are looking for a hotel / hotel chain to create more luxurious standards,

Canadian travelers will find it in Polk County from holiday rentals, parks. RV, camper and even a real ranch, Canadian tourists will have no problem enjoying American hospitality. Best of all, regardless of family size, budget, or the desired stay experience, overall a central Florida vacation gives everyone the perfect place to stay.

Find a holiday adventure in Central Florida.

Now that the flights and accommodations have been settled, it’s time to plan an international trip! Central Florida’s tourist attractions are plentiful in this region of the state and give everyone something. The Bok Tower Gardens, which have beautiful gardens and natural wildlife,

will delight the Nature in the group “A spot of beauty that is second to none in the country” Bok Tower Gardens is ranked as a must see. Adventurers will enjoy the excitement of Fantasy of Flight,

hot air ballooning and biplane riding, and those who enjoy outdoor activities will love fishing, golfing and birdwatching. This of the world

Parties traveling with children will want to be separated for at least one day to enjoy. LEGOLAND – Florida opens October 15 – one of the most important attractions in Central Florida. This family-friendly theme park is located in Winter. Haven has rides, attractions, shows,

restaurants and shops set against a backdrop of beautiful scenery and landscapes. The perfect journey for like-minded youth!

With convenient travel routes, luxurious accommodations and enough adventures for everyone,

it’s easy to see that holidays in Central Florida are number one on the Canadian vacation list.