Using Your Trade Show Stands To Build Relationships

People want to do business with people they like, which is why business relationships are important. If you ever go out of your way to subsidize some stores because the staff are kind and attentive, you already know this!

Your company may have the best products or services in your industry. But if your employees don’t take time to let customers know they are valuable,

you will fail. One of the best ways to strengthen relationships with current customers or create new ones with new customers is to participate in marketing activities with your trade show. Here are some easy-to-use tips to make the most of this opportunity.

Tip # 1: Consider the 80/20 rule.

If you don’t understand the 80/20 rule, you might close your customers. The 80/20 rule is simple – salespeople should listen to 80 percent of their time and talk only 20 percent of their time. Focusing on listening – instead of selling – can be difficult for employees. Sell ​​some But it shows that your customers are interested and focused on their needs.

If your conversation in front of your trade show reveals that your company does not meet the needs of customers,

tell them that! Don’t try to close those vulnerabilities in existing products or services if they don’t really do what they want! While this may seem like a way to resist business,

customers really appreciate this honesty and will be more likely to recommend your product or service to others if a chance arises. This type of viral advertising is effective and positive for your bottom line.

Tip 2: Ask carefully questions.

Although the 80/20 rule is important, you don’t want to forget about 20 percent! When you say,

make sure you are asking generous questions that show that you are listening and that you are concerned about their needs.

Although you may not have the product or service you need But you are gathering valuable information about specific invalidation in your industry. Take this information back to your research and development team and see if they can create a product or service that fulfills this void.

Tip # 3: Attract and encourage current customers to visit your trade show.

Your current customers already know about your product or service, which means they may not see the point of time spent at your trade show. However, your competition will be at the event and will try hard to vie for your customers! To help improve your relationship,

keep in touch with your current customers with an email blast a couple of days before the event and offer them a surprise just to visit. This may be a special giveaway. But if you run out of time, just offer a coupon for their next purchase.

This will prevent them from working with your competition and telling them how much their business means to your company.

These three tips are a great way to build and build relationships with current or prospective customers. Do you have a rigorously trained sales team before joining your trade show and see how these secrets can be profitable for your company?